The Pixies in 2013: What Exactly Did Kim Deal Even Quit?

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The big question for me is whether they'll announce the end or sit in cold storage forever, the prospect of the new material the fans once clamored for still incredibly faint but still there, as if one day Francis might just whip out a new Pixies album. Maybe Deal, whose relationship with Francis is legendarily bad, was the last stumbling block to new Pixies material? Has Deal quit on the eve of fresh recording sessions? Has she quit because she suddenly remembered she was actually still in the band? There's a chance we'll never know, and a chance that everything might be revealed tomorrow.

Really, I think Kim Deal quitting the reformed Pixies leaves one of the most important bands of the last thirty years at a crossroads. Is this the shock to the heart that splutters the whole thing back to life (but in a way that amputates one of the limbs), or is it the final nail in the coffin? I suspect the latter, but I'm so very ready to be surprised. So ready.

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