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[Update! We have chosen a winner; thanks to all for participating, and congrats to the choco taco lover. I too am a fan.]

Fall Out Boy, fresh off of hiatus and touring in support of a new album, will be coming to the Pageant this Friday, and we've got two tickets to give away!

To win, simply tell us why you deserve to go. Be creative! You may enter in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter pages, links to which you can find below -- make sure you include some way of contacting you, as well as your full name so you can pick up your tickets. We will announce the winner here on Friday at 4 p.m.

Fall Out Boy is presently touring in support of its new album, Save Rock and Roll, following a two-year hiatus. Check out what Ryan Wasoba had to say about the band in this 2009 critic's pick:

Matching military outfits, celebrity romances and hip-hop collaborations -- Fall Out Boy has become the Coldplay of punk rock. But while Chris Martin's fan club numbers have steadily increased, the members of FOB have played their increasingly mature arena-rock anthems to more empty seats. Piano overdubs and an Elvis Costello cameo automatically make 2008's Folie à Deux the band's most sophisticated album to date -- and while singles "I Don't Care" and "America's Suitehearts" may fail to capture the youthful exuberance that made "Sugar, We're Goin Down" the official guilty pleasure of 2005, they solidify Fall Out Boy's intentions of breaking free from the emo mold. For many pop-punkers, that's fine, especially because bassist Pete Wentz's Decaydance label is full of young bands that are more than willing to do the whining for him.

Check out the video for "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)" off of the new album, below.

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Hi! My name is Danielle Russell and honestly, I want these tickets so bad that I can hardly express in words why I am deserving but I have to start somewhere! Mostly, I believe that I am deserving of these tickets for one main reason:I am a loyal and die hard Fall Out Boy fan! As a Fall Out Boy Fan I have been fortunate enough to meet the band, get autographs, and attend every show they ever played here in Saint Louis (I don't want to miss my first tonight). I know not every Fall Out Boy fan has had those opportunities but I believe the only reason I was able to have those experiences is because of my undying love for their music and my loyalty as a fan. As a 13 year old, I did whatever I could to earn money and saved so I could join the fan club and buy tickets. Their music has been such a huge part of my life for a long time now and I can't imagine not being able to see them in concert tonight after being at their last show about three years ago! When I found out they were no longer a band it was pretty upsetting but I never forgot about them and listened to their music everyday. I was dying to get even the smallest feeling of being at a Fall Out Boy show (which is the best feeling ever) so I continued to support them by going to Patrick Stump's solo tour and always went out to see smaller bands that Pete Wentz was supporting and recommending.



 Here's a funny story about the extent of my love for them: They have inspired and influenced me in so many ways. Some ways were maybe not so good... I live in Wentzville and when Pete Wentz heard about WENTZville he announced he wanted a street sign from there. I was 13, timid, quaint, and NEVER got in trouble. When I heard that Pete wanted a Wentzville sign I recruited some of the "bad boys" from my seventh grade class to help me. Long story short, we got caught and that was my first (and last) run in with the cops. That was about eight years ago and since then, I was able to get an old Wentzville sign and would LOVE to be able to give it to Pete tonight! The point is I am simply happy when I am listening to their music, especially live. If they have stuck with me for over ten years, and I with them, then I think I am deserving of these tickets!Thanks for reading & pick me! Contact information: Danielle Russell (636) 293-9412


i would really like to go to that fall out boy concert tomorrow at the pageant for a lot of reasons I mean i have been such a huge fan of theirs for so many years i have another friend of mine it was his birthday this week and that would be such a awesome present to take them to a fall out boi concert lol at boi I mean I would buy a ticket and i would buy a ticket for my friend to go too but have you even looked up on stub hub for a fall out boy ticket it is ridiculous they are selling their fall out boy tickets for a hundred dollars i think soundgarden was a hundred dollars to go to but i don’t even like soundgarden I would rather see a fall out boy because they are more happy than soundgarden but i shouldn’t have to pay a hundred dollars to go i know there is another fall out boy concert in a couple of months or something but i heard that that tour will be at a local arena or something and who would want to go to that even though it would be cheaper and there would be more pyro i would still like to go to a fall out boy concert that’s at the pageant i took a girl to see fall out boy one time because she was from chicago just like fall out boy is from chicago and we had a really nice time so i want to go see them again my real full name is ryan michael zimmerman and you can email me at because i like choco tacos.


There once was a girl in a far away land
Where the Cardinals play and there is no sand

She shared music made under a Tree of Cork
With her younger brothers, delivered by the stork

Until that day, they never agreed
But it brought them together, indeed

She would share the music with them live
If only she were given tickets by The Riverfront Times

So please kind sir, do grant us a dream
And always remember, this ain't a scene


From Under the Cork Tree was the first record I ever went out and bought with my own money when I was 11. Fall Out Boy was the band that really got me into playing and listening to music. I still play Fall Out Boy records and know every word by heart. Going to that concert would be quite the rush of nostalgia for me. It's crazy to think about how much influence one band can have on your development as a person.

Carrie Meyer
Carrie Meyer Mal the Pal here for my human, Carrie Meyer. My human is a bit of a nerd, if you can't tell. I mean, look at that profile photo. She has a knitted Minion hat on. And she's like 41 human years! Long story short, my mom is a busy lady. She completely whiffed on buying FOB tickets. And she's been a fan since Pete Wentz was like 17. She's been extremely sad about not getting tickets to this show so that she could go and wear her "Soul Punk" t-shirt from Patrick's solo album. She's been begging for tickets on Facebook already, so I thought she needed to try this as well. Otherwise, she's probably just going to end up having to stay home Friday night and watch X-Files re-runs. So, if you could give my human these tickets, I - Mal the Pal - would appreciate it so I don't have to watch the "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" video one more time this week while my dad is at work. Thanks for your consideration, Mal the Pal


My husband and I fight over music every time we get in the car together.  He bought me my first Fall Out Boys album and it is the only band I listen to that he doesn't complain about.  If I win tickets I will take him in hopes that live exposure will open him up to a whole new genre of music (he only listens to country right now).  Please, help me help him!

Kristina Puerto
Kristina Puerto

Pick me!!!! FOB Was my first favorite band that my parents hated back in my angsty middle school days. I got my first kiss listening to Homeisck at Spacecamp and my first ticket listening to This Ain't a Scene. I didn't think I'd be living in STL for the show, so I didn't get tickets but I'd love to take my sister with me, we went to see them in 2005 at the Family Arena, which was my first real concert. She lives out of town but she's visiting this Friday and we both loved FOB so much, it would be awesome to go together! FOB honestly kicked off my music obsession, led to my stint as a music journalist and a review of their new album was actually one of my last pieces on the job. So pick me!!!!


I accidently gave my tickets to my buddy and his wife as a wedding gift.. now I need this tickets to go!!!

Jason Aldridge
Jason Aldridge

RFT! Please pick me for the Fall Out Boy tickets! It's my birthday that night and I wasn't able to score a ticket. About ten of my friends are going and I'd like to party with them in and around the loop that night (including a fun concert)! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease. :D

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