St. Louis' Laika Likes to Scream in Peoples' Faces

Courtesy of Laika
What I like most about St. Louis is...
Jack Middeke: I just love the fact that there are even people in St. Louis who are playing music and wanting to go experience it. Not every place is fortunate enough to have anything like what we have.

The St. Louis music scene... has all the potential in the world. We just need to love and be passionate about what we're doing. Then, very useful stuff flows from that.

The best show I ever played was... probably Iowa City, which was not a planned place to play -- our friends just had car troubles. It was fun setting up this show so last minute and promoting to people on the street with makeshift flyers. I got to know everyone that was there. It kinda re-vamped my ideals about music to not let numbers (of people at shows, dollars made, etc.) have influence over what I think is success. We met great people and made the most of being stranded in a city we didn't know. Without going too into detail, I should mention we met a man named Hamad, originally from Sudan, who came to our show after i met hi. He danced to our songs and bought us food, hung out with us, made us laugh, inspired us, and even gave $100 dollars. Long story short, he made Iowa City amazing.

Some current artists worth listening to are... Anodes, Lions Eat Grass, Weakness, Jimshorts, Stonechat, Scowler.

The coolest things I saw while touring were... my friends Tommy, Blake and Schuyler of Weakness, or Mike's car getting towed while it was in park, or my receipt from Whataburger because the dude gave us free food.

The most difficult lesson I've learned while playing music is... don't compare your music to anyone else's. If it is from the heart, nothing else really matters as much.

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