Out Every Night: The Best Shows in St. Louis from July 15 to 21

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Bob Log III - Saturday, July 20 @ The Firebird
Monday mornings are funny, especially because for most of us here at RFT, Monday sort of begins on Sunday. In fact, all the days lately just sort of run together. These posts help us remember what month it is -- we hope it can help you in some way, too. This week's recommendations spotlight everything from hip hop and Americana to metal and pop. Read on, dedicated show-goers!

Barely Free Partial Prisoners
Monday, July 15, 8:30 p.m.
w/ B. Durazzo, Knife + Miggs, Contraverse
@ Foam - $5
By Joseph Hess
Jake Cohen spits rap sans mic above anti-music with a beat. The Barely Free Partial Prisoners isn't your hand-me-down hip hop. Its two core members revel in noise and deliver sounds via punk ferocity. Cohen often screams over backtracks, while Jason LaChance lays down static and tone. One part parody, two parts reality, Barely Free's lyrics feel personal and at times depraved. The overlaying message rings true, and its positive discourse cuts through the sound. Barely Free delivers the dance with the mosh, and its noise feels more at home beside hardcore and no-wave than any electronica. Barely Free slings the knowledge all over St. Loser, Misery.

Susan Cowsill Duo
Tuesday, July 16, 7:30 p.m.
w/ Brian Henneman and Kip Loui
@ Off Broadway - 15-$18
By Roy Kasten
From this 2011 show preview: The most remarkable quality of Susan Cowsill's 40-plus-year career is its sanity. A child performer with the Cowsills -- the fabled Partridge Family-inspiring clan band -- Susan Cowsill should have burned out or flipped out, sunk into kitsch or nostalgia or just faded away like so many other bubblegum, one-pop wonders. Instead, she's just gone on singing with that ineffable tone -- part country, part pop, all soul -- and patiently releasing solo records steeped in the spirit of her home, New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina took much of what she loved, including her brother Barry. But her poignant take on rock and soul is never mournful, even at its most elegiac, as on the song "Crescent City Sneaux." She's a survivor who knows what to do with her musical gifts: share them with her audience with joy.

Lord Dying
w/ The Gorge, Black Fast, Cathedral Fever, Death Horse
@ Fubar - $10-$12
By Rick Giordano
From The Best Metal Shows in July: Portland, Oregon's Lord Dying are the most recent addition to the legendary Relapse Records roster with a debut album hitting stores on the ninth of this month. The band has only previewed two tracks from the forthcoming Summon the Faithless so far, but they're two that show promise, filled with Baroness-esque (say that four times fast) riff-rock mixed with a dark aggression reminiscent of more recent Celtic Frost and Triptykon.

Bob Schneider CD Release
Thursday, July 18, 8:30 p.m.
w/ Gabriel Kelley
@ Off Broadway - $20-$33
By Roy Kasten
From this show preview: Even with his used-car-salesman name and pop sentimentality - song title "The World Exploded Into Love" isn't ironic - Bob Schneider still belongs to the Texas songwriter tradition, and not just because he remakes blues progressions in his own anti-hipster image. Or because he leads a band that fuses twang and rock 'n' roll like ZZ Top did when still on top of the charts. Schneider cares about songcraft - be the compositions satirical or bittersweet. Hoist a piña colada or just a longneck with him in concert; his stories and humor always have the bite and charm of his native Austin.

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