Palace Talks Signing with Record Machine and New LP Summer, Don't You Dare

"She's amazing at the dramatic side of the band," says Grooms. "She freaking nailed 'We Want More.' Kavanaugh describes the song in the starkest way: "There is trumpet blaring, me screaming and Crystal is just laughing." The track features the chorus just once before it launches into a reprise that allows Hill to play percussion on electric and acoustic drums, in Kavanaugh's words, "like Super Smash Brothers."

"I used a tape delay on that," Hill says, satisfying himself that the fly is truly dead by brushing it off the table and digresses. "I really like incorporating electronic drums -- and the idea of using electric and acoustic. One drummer using two sets of sounds."

Palace will celebrate the release of Summer, Don't You Dare on Thursday, July 25, at Plush. "A live show is just so vital for us. We go nuts," Grooms states. Palace plans on bringing back former members Sydney Scott and Jamie Finch for select songs during the record-release show as well, in addition to adding surprise covers among the stacked setlist. Grooms continues, "For us to throw a record release show at Plush, a place we've never played before, is exciting. And it's a large space, it's a challenge. We want to fill that space with energy and creativity and just have a party -- just have a good time."

Eaker ruminates on what it means to play at Plush for Palace's record-release show, "We've all seen bands we love at Plush. It's definitely sacred battlegrounds for people you greatly admire. You have to bring that same intensity. You have to think that it's a bigger deal than just going up to play a show. It brings a whole new aspect. I want to put on the best show I can because I know so many good bands have played in that same spot where we're all standing. The fact that it is the album release? It's finally happening and it is all going to be brought."

Palace Record Release show with La Guerre and Beth Bombara. Thursday, July 25. 8 p.m. $7. Below is a finished track off of Summer, Don't You Dare, courtesy of Palace.

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