Watch Pokey LaFarge's Performance on Letterman Last Night: "We're gonna take you back to St. Louis now."

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After the performance, there were high-fives and lots of smiles among the crowd. LaFarge fan Anne Williamson said, "I've been a huge fan of Pokey for years now. He's amazing. He just really connects with music and what it's all about. He just puts his own spin on it and he's so genuine. And just a super talented musician. And a nice guy!"

Fellow fan Kelly Wells also praised LaFarge's friendliness and relationship with the city. When asked why she went out to the viewing party last night, Wells said, "I came because Pokey's a friend of mine and also because he represents St. Louis so well to everywhere-- to really everywhere in the world. Like tonight, the first thing he does on Letterman is he gives a shout-out to St. Louis. It's huge for our city and he does a very good job of representing what this city is all about. And, yeah, he's a nice guy! Oh! And I also came here because the Royale makes a really good Sazerac."

So, just a little note to the world: Pokey is on loan. You can borrow him for a while but we want him back. He's ours. And we all do fine on Central Time.

Video of the performance below:

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