Callers Outraged by "Gangster Rap" Jingle on St. Louis Time and Temp

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Got a bad rap? Traffic Law Counselors understands.
Quick. What time is it? What's the temperature?

You could find that information with a couple finger swipes on your smartphone or you could dial Time and Temp at 314-321-2522. The service, which provides an automated recording of -- you guessed it! -- the local time and temperature, has been around since the glory days of rotary phones, but it recently underwent a revolution of sorts.

This month attorney Mike Carter, owner of Traffic Law Counselors, began airing gangster-rap jingles on Time and Temp for his websites and that cater to traffic scofflaws facing DUI, speeding tickets and the like.

Callers to Time and Temp were none too pleased with the change.

Click the play button above for the Time and Temp experience.

Since the jingles went up two weeks ago, Carter says he has received "hundreds of calls -- mostly against the rap." The outcry is baffling to Carter, who purchased Time and Temp from Bank of America in 2005 and considers his funding of the service something of a goodwill gesture to those who -- seemingly -- cannot afford a wristwatch or a weather thermometer.

"I couldn't believe it since the service is free, right? They don't have to call it at all," says Carter.

Also there's this: Carter has been running the same jingles on Z107.7 FM without fanfare.

"Traffic Law Counselors -- it's where we go when the po-lice hassle us!"

So begins the hook to the jingle for penned by Carter's brother Chad, a.k.a. rapper "Potent C" of Hempnotics, a St. Louis-based group that has been around since 1997.

Continue on to learn about the local rap artist behind the jingles.

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Harold Cory
Harold Cory

So the time and temp number still works. Really? It sounds as outdated as the phone book.

Katherine Lawson
Katherine Lawson

Here ya go, Martin Gilbertson. I think its kind of marketing genius.


TIL: people still call Time and Temp,,,, Cant wait for 802.11b to Open up and the Mobile Device price to drop so that we all have access to the same good information.... Google does better with target marketing ads... 


Wow, St. Louis. Are you THAT whiney and intolerant of everything that doesn't fit into your stupid little bubble. How small are your lives? Go travel. Befriend someone who's not in your same socio-economic-racial community. Eat crazy food. Learn a new language. Live without your material comforts. Try any one of those things and then come back to St. Louis and let's try to make this city awesome. Otherwise, keep moving further and further out into the county.


who calls time and temp anymore these days?  it's an advertisement, get over it.

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