Behold the Waking Nightmare of Juggalo Port-a-Potties

All photos by Drew Ailes.











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Kevin Prange
Kevin Prange

There were some pretty scary ones at Schwagstock.

Jessica Duckworth
Jessica Duckworth

It rains every year and the whole place is covered in about three inches of poo/mud/piss/beer. The potties are covered in that sludge everywhere, footprints all by the seats where people have squatted (and therefore sprayed pee everywhere) and people after dark just giving up and pissing in the mud by the toilets. Not to mention that twice (twice!) I have personally caught couples banging in them! Yet, I keep going back..

Jessica Duckworth
Jessica Duckworth

Oh, I have seen way worse! Beale Street Music Festival... Every year!

Riverfront Times
Riverfront Times

We're definitely going to go again this year and write about it, because frankly it is fascinating there. Something entertaining to look at in every direction, at all times.

Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell

I see RFT is going to milk the juggalos for all their worth this year.


Mr. Hill, have you ever stopped to consider that it could be the quality of the people that were at this event that made these port-potties look like that. I have heard many different stories from many different people that the attendees at the gathering of the juggalos are not the cleanest or most respectful of other peoples property, as you can see by the spray paint photos.  I have used Maier tidy bowls at many different functions and they have never looked like the photos you posted. So next time you go pointing fingers at the Maiers or any other company for that matter, maybe you should look at your surroundings and do your research! 

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