The Gathering of the Juggalos' Best Overheard Quotations

"Someone died and now she's getting the fuck out of here."

- Random Juggalo wearing a cape

"I accept Jesus into my heart."

- Three people praying near the "From Juggalo to Christian" tent by the entrance

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"Theres only nine hot girls in this whole thing."

"You smell that shit? You almost throw up. That coke -- its almost like molly."

- Two quotes from a group of guys we tried to trade a tallboy of Budweiser to after a short-lived attempt to see what we could barter up to from a beer. We quickly found out that no one had anything worth trading.

"Fuck your camera -- this is for us, not you."

- Yelled from a tent to a photographer

"This is a synthetic drug. It should act like a normal drug -- then people started reacting poorly."

- Random Juggalo

"Oh shit, it leaked down my leg."

- Random Juggalo

[chanting] "Pan-ty sniff-ers! Pan-ty sniff-ers! Tell you what, he said he'll put on the thong and let you smell it."

- Yelled through a megaphone by a large man wearing a sleeveless black work shirt

"I landed on my belly and just started slidin'. Then the four wheeler hit me in the back."

- A sunburned man in his forties to a sunburned man in his twenties

"Have you seen how they clean these things? They just open a door and blast a hose."

- Random Juggalette, on the condition of the bathrooms

"Fuck him in the ass with a Sharpie for fifteen dollars!"

- Spoken through a megaphone like a carnival barker in an attempt to get some poor kid enough money to get back to Maine. Minutes earlier, he was taking a kick to the testicles for five dollars.

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"I got some serious shit -- hand sanitizer will save your life. You'll get Gathering-itus."

- One shirtless Juggalo to another

"Hey are you really trippin'? [Waves hands in kid's face]

- Some asshole with no courtesy for people on mind-bending journeys through space and time

Nate "Igor" Smith
"I'm gonna rape your mother if you don't buy our drugs"

- Yelled over a megaphone by a kid with a heavy amount of facial tattoos who had been stapling dollar bills to himself and later cut off at least one of his nipples for $80. (It is actually this guy! --ed.)

Nate "Igor" Smith
"Smoking a blunt on the ferris wheel is the shit!"

- Exclaimed by the happiest person ever seen on the planet

"I'm about to be twerkin'"

- Unknown female voice

"Does anybody wanna buy this megaphone for fifty dollars?"

- Shouted through a megaphone

"Why do I do anything? Fuck life."

- Me, after days at an ICP festival

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