Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse Was an Exciting Moment for Hip-Hop -- And Now It's Over

If you don't believe me listen to Ab-Soul's "Hell Yeah" and take notes during the last verse. Hip-hop heads are always looking for a definitive moment in which the culture will finally say we're done with the bling-bling era; it's officially dead. A few people unfortunately overhyped K.Dot's verse on "Control" as a watershed moment that would change everything. Sadly it's not, and now we're back to the norm a week later. Anytime anything overly hip-hopish touches the mainstream people act like it's the second coming of Jesus. This was a very entertaining and historical moment for hip-hop and Kendrick Lamar. But this was not the battle of Lexington and Concord. Suddenly everyone feels inspired and wants to write their most lyrical raps possible. People all of a sudden are rushing to the studio to crank out something special. Reality is we're back to normal starting today and it'll be this way until some one else does something unique and shakes the pillars up again.

People acted like this when Eminem's 8 Mile movie dropped. Suddenly everyone gives a damn about the purity of hip-hop and wants to do their part to add some goodness to the culture. Everyone suddenly feels inspired and is throwing stones at the fence of lyrical greatness. Last week was entertaining. It was amazing; I've always wanted to see what would happen if we lifted the chains of restriction and let every emcee in the world go at it. This may possibly be round one in the new east versus west lyrical war. If it is I think we all agree the west won this round. Aside from this, no, record labels are not scrambling and searching for the most lyrical rappers alive. No, your radio station is not about to reformat itself and stop playing the music they were playing prior to this moment. Are people more open to hearing lyricism on a higher plateau? Yes and no. Some people care more now and some people don't. We're back to normal even though last week everything was chaotic and exciting. This happens all the time, just in different forms and fashions, but now we're back plugged into the matrix until someone else comes along and unplugs us again.

I've never witnessed a rap verse do to the world what this verse did but nevertheless the hype is pretty much over now and we're back on schedule.

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