Kim Massie Benefit Show September 22 at the Sheldon

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On August 14, Blues/R&B songstress Kim Massie had to undergo surgery to remove her thyroid. According to Massie, the condition is inherited: "My mother, grandmother and uncle have all had this same surgery."

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Massie is now home recovering, but many of her friends in St. Louis music have staged a benefit show September 22 at the Sheldon Concert Hall to help her with the cost of her medical care. There will be performances by Denise Thimes, Eric "Guitar" Davis, Anita Jackson, Roland Johnson, Cheryl Brown and Adrienne Felton. Tickets are $14.

If you are unable to attend the show, you can still give by going to any Regions Bank and telling the teller that you want to donate to the Kim Massie benefit. "Kim Massie" is the verification code.

Following the surgery on August 14, Massie's management posted an update on her official Facebook page.

This is an update from management: Just wanted to let everyone know that Kim's surgery went very well and she is currently in recovery. Thank you for comments, thoughts, and prayers. Keep them coming.


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The Sheldon

3648 Washington Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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Karla Terhark
Karla Terhark

Wow, that's about the toughest surgery for someone who is a professional singer, as the vocal chord's proximity to the thyroid creates a risk of damaging the vocal chords temporarily or permanently during surgery. After mine I could barely speak for a month, and voice was permanently altered. So I wish her all the luck for a smooth procedure & recovery

Heather Marie
Heather Marie

Agreed. I'm sorry to hear she had surgery but I've worked a place where she played all the time. She will not even play a song request unless you slip her a 20.

RFT Music
RFT Music

Error! To be fixed immediately; thanks

Dean Minderman
Dean Minderman

The benefit is on Sunday September 22, not tonight. The date is in the flyer you posted with the story.


The benefit show is September 22, not tonight. Wishing Kim a speedy recovery.

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