Lions Eat Grass Returns From Tour and Releases a New Split

Stephen Houldsworth
Lions Eat Grass tear through a quick set at Blank Space in late June 2013.

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Faint melodic strains under scatter shot percussion mingle with throaty yells, birthing quirky tunes. This Illinois pop duo, armed only with voice, accordion and drums, blasts through rough-edged songs with dry lyrical humor. Lions Eat Grass might be at the top of their class, probably because they stand alone with a style no others dare to touch.

Lions Eat Grass crafts polka-meets-punk with throaty vocals that poke fun at the overblown crooning of most singers. The substance here sits with each live show, which give justice to the unhinged pieces of each swerving song. Vocalist and accordion player John Beabout even throws out an acappella piece that muses on buried insecurity.

Ryan Birkner
Lions Eat Grass in the tour van on their recent west coast tour.

Based out of Lebanon, Illinois, Lions Eat Grass formed in early 2012. After hearing quick demos of Beabout's solo efforts, drummer Adam King knew he wanted to collaborate. Nearly one year later, the band released its first full length, Wednesday, on Sean Ballard's Fragile Friends label. A split with Ballard's own band Stonechat is on the way.

Lions Eat Grass hit the road in July and toured through the west coast and back. While performing their sloppy pop, both heads behind Lions Eat Grass worked as the backing band for Carte de Visite, a Belleville based group led by Ryan Birkner. Luckily, the band survived tumultuous touring, so we asked drummer Adam King to fill in some blanks about the recent trip.

Click through to see what King had to say.

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