Little Big Bangs Release Debut Album

Surf rock riffs from Ryan Macias jive with vocalist Lucy Dougherty and her snotty screaming. Eric Boschen screams with fervor, pinning essential words on not-so-subtle songs that are deeply personal, political and mostly naked. Parts aren't drenched in needless effects, nor are the drums particularly busy.

Describing their cramming of genres into singular songs becomes difficult when the only option here is to compare the band to something like Sonic Youth or the Pixies. I can hear an audible sigh from every music fan near and far, "Another barely loud Indie-rock band, right?" The new album's being kept tightly sealed 'till release day, so catch a glimpse through last year's Easter Egg Demo, recorded by The Union Electric's Glenn Burleigh.

Founding member Eric Boschen took a break from preparations to give us a little insight on why he plays and what he loves about St. Louis. Follow Boschen as we hold him down and force him to "Fill In The Blanks."

Eric Boschen

Little Big Bangs makes music because... we grew up obsessed with rock and roll. We love to create music with each other. Creating and collaborating are rare, amazing and rewarding things. Rock and roll is a necessary release from the bullshit world - blasting away in a live setting to friends who are rocking out, screaming till your throat is shredded. It's cathartic.

I've learned the most from... my old Professor Steve Houldsworth!

I'm most inspired by... Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Breeders, Pixies and Velvet Underground.

An old favorite local band of mine is... Sullen

What I like most about St. Louis is... the humble attitude, cheap cost of living. Small enough to feel like you can impact the city, but big enough not to feel trapped, most of the time.

The St. Louis music scene could use... a sweet outdoor venue. How fun would that be on a summer night?

The best thing to eat in St. Louis is... we tend to keep drinking post show, but if there were more late night food options maybe that would change.

Click through as we ask Drummer Drew Gowran to "Fill In The Blank."

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3224 Locust St., St. Louis, MO

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