The Best St. Louis Punk/Hardcore Shows in August

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Parasites, Flamingo Nosebleed, Eaten Back To Life, The Haddonfields, Better Days and Typsetter @ Fubar: Friday, August 23
9 p.m./ $8/10

This particular Friday night will be jam-packed with crunchy, melodic hook-y goodness. It doesn't seem to make much sense to write the description of each of these bands when they've been covered before or cover the pop-punk territory, besides Parasites and Typesetter. They don't live here. They get a couple sentences. Parasites have been playing power-pop and touring since 1987, plain and simple. It rules. Typestetter make everyone's girlfriend boy-crazy with loud, note-y pop punk that will either drive you to drink or make you get laid.

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