Juggalo Aftermath: Things We Found on the Ground at the Gathering

Drew Ailes
I worked as a garbage man for a few months back in North Carolina during a dark period of my life. It was awful. I'd get in a pick-up truck every day at 9 a.m. and watch my boss drink beer and smoke weed on the way to being immersed in disgusting waste. In retrospect, if he had been younger, my boss probably would've been a Juggalo because, holy hell, these people are surrounded by an impossible amount of garbage. Although a sad reminder of how we've wrecked the planet just for fun, we've decided to make you feel better about the time you threw away those plastic Chinese food containers instead of saving them.

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Drew Ailes

Whip-It Canisters and Balloons

One of the most common things consumed on the grounds was probably nitrous oxide. Balloons and canisters everywhere. While we've mentioned the plethora of drugs available at the gathering, the consumption of nitrous oxide is particularly unfortunate because of how terrible the stuff is for you. I beg of you, Juggalos, listen to me: This is a cruel and awful world. You need all the brain cells you can get.

Drew Ailes

A Whip

We found a whip in a small clearing toward the river. It was sitting next to some bushes and a pair of dumpy clown pants. We didn't see any lions at the Dark Carnival, so that rules that out that explanation. I have a feeling I'm going to have the term "dumpy clown pants" in my head for the next year now.

Drew Ailes

Jesus Literature

"Yo, man, there's some Jesus freaks at the entrance giving out free food. You just gotta go talk to them."

Then you just throw their pamphlets on the ground, simple as that. These guys appeared toward the end of the festival. I definitely caught a girl in a black-metal T-shirt weeping while holding hands and praying with two other guys. I have to admit, "From Juggalo to Jesus Freak" is a pretty decent tag line for an organization.

Drew Ailes

Empty Drug Bags

Empty drug bags were scattered about everywhere. It was just kind of an accepted thing; when we sat on a bench and talked to a guy who was running the festival, a bunch of drug bags were just sitting there. No big whoop-whoop.

Drew Ailes

Full Drug Bags

Someone decided they had too many drugs so they did what they do when they have too many Moon Pie wrappers and Hot Cheetos bags: They threw them on the ground.

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