Twitter Litter: Nelly Eats Cheerios, Rhett Miller Visits Ohio, Miley Kisses a Dog

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We nearly piss ourselves when a celebrity of any worth follows us, but we think Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) is setting his own excitement bar a little too low:

That don't impress us much.


This weekend, Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) tried in vain to plug up low-quality leaks of "Applause," the first single from her forthcoming album Artpop. Alas, Teh Interwebz were too powerful, and Mama Monster ended up releasing and selling the full version of the song through proper channels a week early. Cher (@cher), Bob Mackie's favorite Barbie doll, lovedlovedloved it, so Gaga blessed her with these words:



Speaking of drag queen idols, RuPaul (@rupaul) put out a few PSAs this week:

The more you know.


When you're out on the road as often as musicians are, coming home to a furry friend can be key to forgetting missed verses and wardrobe malfunctions. Mike Doughty (@mike_doughty_) and Ke$ha (@keshasuxx) proudly show off their pets' attributes, while Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) looks a bit too happy to be swapping spit with her pooch:

We'll cop to feeling a little puppy love ourselves, now.


Hometown hero Murphy Lee (@murphderrty) shows off his STL pride, but even he's got limits:

And we can't get out of here without a little sump' sump':

Attaboy, Murph.

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