Why Is My Obscure, Vinyl-Only Band So Obscure?

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Keep your expectations to the world you are in, because the kind of music you are releasing is for a small, self-selecting group that is a sub-group of a larger but still small, self-selecting group. Also, no one sells records. If the bands you are working with are not touring outside of the midwestern state where you are based they may never sell many records at all. If you want buzz that translates to sales, put out some trendy, on-their-hustle Brooklyn bands or try to find the next Shins. You put out inaccessible music in an inaccessible way--you should not be surprised that you are existing in obscurity--because those are the plays you are making. You know? Because right now what you are wishing for is for lightning to strike and make everything go in the opposite direction you are aiming.

If what I am telling you feels like a surprise or you do not know where to start vis a vis underground press, you might want to reach out to some small independent publicists who consult on projects, or who will sell you a small database/email list of those folks who they think might care--it seems like investing in a full-on multi-month press campaign with a publicist might be for naught. You might try getting a little press for the label itself, to raise awareness about the special thing you are doing.

Lastly, if you are going to be digital, be digital--do a Bandcamp page where people can buy the digital versions and get the physical copy in one fell swoop. YouTube seems kind of half ass--like, either bother or just don't.

Good luck!
Ol' Fan

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