The Best St. Louis Metal Shows: September 2013

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Looking for a good place to see flashy and exciting music played at high volume, have your mind blown by dark and powerful sounds, or just stomp around like a drunken goon with your shirt off? Then a heavy metal concert might be just the place for you. Each month I'll be offering my top picks of the upcoming metal shows in town that I think shouldn't be missed. All the shows this month happen to be in the same week, so might as well just stay good and drunk and tell work you caught something from a toilet seat.

Vader, Vital Remains, Sacrificial Slaughter, Execration and more at Fubar
September 14
6 p.m. | $20

Truth be told, I'm too big of a Star Wars nerd to not like a band called Vader. The name could have been taken by goddamn Smashmouth back in the day and I'd probably sing about being a rockstar and getting shows on with enthusiasm. Luckily, the name was claimed long ago by an excellent death metal band from Poland instead of some fat guys in surf shorts. Dating back to 1983, Vader is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an extensive tour of the US before the release of its tenth studio album early next year.

Along on the run is Vital Remains from Rhode Island, who has been splitting ear drums with its lightning fast death metal since 1988. Also on the show are four more bands with really, really hard to read logos. Fubar has been courteous enough to post set times, (with Vital Remains starting at 9:50 and Vader an hour later) for those of us not brutal enough for six death metal bands in a row.

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The Firebird

2706 Olive St., St. Louis, MO

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3108 Locust St, St. Louis, MO

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