The Best St. Louis Metal Shows: September 2013

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Thou, Cloud Rat, False, Fister at Fubar
September 15
8 p.m. | $10

Most of you probably have no idea who Thou, Cloud Rat or False is, and that's something you really need to straighten out. Three of the most important and interesting DIY metal bands currently recording and touring in the underground scene will return to St. Louis as a package, infecting this city with dark sounds as the Lord is resting for the day. This Sunday visit also finds the bands upgrading from the literally underground usual basement show to an elevation of some twelve inches above sea level on Fubar's lounge side stage. Nothing against basement shows, but I've got to admit I'm excited to hear these bands through a real PA system in a place that smells only slightly like old beer and piss.

So let's get to the crucial bits... Thou is from Baton Rouge, plays sludgy doom metal, and put out as many as six different releases a year. Cloud Rat is from Michigan and plays violent grindcore motivated by women's rights issues and veganism. False is from Minneapolis, plays crusty black metal, and is by far the most intense female fronted black metal band you'll ever hear. Local support comes from Fister, opening the show with slow simmering doom and bringing the evening to a perfectly ugly boil.

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