The Best St. Louis Punk/Hardcore Shows: September 2013

Categories: DIY


Dawn Of Humans, Lumpy and the Dumpers, and Rüz at Ask A Punk
September 20
9 p.m. | $5

GENERATOR SHOW! If you have to ask you'll never know. Come get injuries somewhere not indoors within the tri-county area. Dawn Of Humans is weird and awesome; the last time I saw the band the singer was wearing some weird mask, a t-shirt and had a flower taped to his dick, which really creeped out the crowd. But weiners or not, the dancers of slam still jumped off one another's heads. Lumpy and the Dumpers will try to out-weird DOH with creepy ooze-based punk atrocities.

Dawn Of Humans
Lumpy and The Dumpers

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Blank Space

2847 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

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Livery Company

3211 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

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3108 Locust St, St. Louis, MO

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The Firebird

2706 Olive St., St. Louis, MO

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