St. Louis Comedian Jeremy Essig is Moving On Up to New York

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How would you gauge the comedy scene in St. Louis right now?

Essig: There was a period where you could just go up to an open-mic on Tuesday at the Funny Bone and it was Greg Warren, Nikki Glaser, Tommy Johnagin, Dan O'Sullivan, Joe Marlotti would show up occasionally, myself, Matt Conty. It was a crazy, crazy show. A lot of those people have moved on. There's a lot of people developing now that maybe in two years a lot of people will have heard of. But I think also what's great about St. Louis now -- that wasn't like this even three years ago, four years ago -- is there's a ton of shows popping up everywhere where you can get onstage like six, seven nights a week. For a while there was just the Funny Bone. But now there's Fitz's, Dan has his show, there's a show at Foam. This is just a great place right now to just be onstage. There's a ton of local stage time.

Chopin: Yeah, what he just said. It's a great place to cut your teeth early.

Can someone quote-unquote "make it" as a comedian in St. Louis?

Chopin: You can make it to the extent of doing what you like to do. If you're aspiring to be on television and the movies and Letterman and Leno, no, you can't make it in St. Louis. You gotta be on the coast. To maintain my level of success, yes, you can make it in St. Louis. I'm doing that. But I have to leave St. Louis to make it a living. I'm doing the clubs, I'm doing some cruise ships, I'm doing some corporate gigs, and it all evens out. If I were Jeremy's age, I'd be moving to New York, where he's going. I think it's a great move. I think, Jeremy, you picked the right coast for you. You seem more like a New York guy than an LA guy.

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