Facebook is Turning Us All into Brain-Dead Self-Centered Morons

You see, my life story starts prior to the start of my Facebook page. I know this may be hard for you to believe but everything about me is not chronologically logged on my Facebook page. I don't have to prove anything to you because you surely won't go out of your way to prove anything to me. On some level you want me to basically snitch on myself or revert back to my days of struggling and being a smelly young man sleeping on the Metrolink.

This all resonates back to the fact that I dislike Facebook and 98 percent of its users. Mark Zuckerberg was a smart guy but he was also extremely socially awkward. I relate to his story because it feels good to see a nerd like myself finally win. Every hot girl from his wonder years that turned down on him in high school or college has paid the price for throwing shade. Zuckerberg is laughing all the way to the bank, meanwhile you're wasting your life every day on Facebook ranting about your pathetic dreams. I hate Facebook, but I need it because now my entire generation has been devoured by it. This is basically how we stay in touch with each other. We can die in the physical flesh and somehow we're still alive on Facebook.

Google and Facebook are basically duking it out to see who will become our generation's real life version Skynet (nerd reference from the Terminator movie series). In conclusion I will end this blog by saying no one cares about your opinions to the degree that we need a 24 hour line into your thought process about absolutely nothing. If we must be bombarded with your Facebook rants, at least grant us the courtesy of entertaining us.

The hypocrisy of such a statement being muttered from the lips of a hip-hop artist with a pointless blog should make you laugh. I truly believe my IQ has suffered deeply due to social networking. I think I am numb in the brain due to the countless hours I've spent on Facebook. I used to think nothing was more entertaining than spending a night on Facebook with an ice-cold six pack. I now think spending a solid hour on Facebook would send me into cardiac arrest.

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