I Pissed Off Megadeth This Week, My (Former) Favorite Band

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No e-mail signature, just pure anger from some guy. I immediately apologized for wasting everyone's time and tried to make it clear that no one was more disappointed than me. I also tried to point out that the interview was scheduled at the last minute and would've been of poor quality anyhow. I received this in response:


Evidently, my expressed sadness over screwing up an interview with the most important band of my life wasn't enough for Jeremy. He had to include the actual text from Dave Ellefson to show me what a true loser I really am.

There is a Barenaked Ladies lyric from one of their vile hits that everyone seems to know. "I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral," refers to a natural, psychological response to emit laughter over genuinely sad things. I was done mourning, however. The laughter I bellowed out after reading that second e-mail was not out of sadness, but pure amusement over what my Bill and Ted inner monologue said to me:

"Dude, you pissed off Megadeth."

I looked up Jeremy and the other artists he has worked with. George Jones, Hank Williams Jr. and Charlie Daniels. Pair them with Dave Mustaine and you've got yourself a supergroup of conservatives that have their feet so far in their mouths, they should have suffocated years ago.

My love affair with Megadeth ended this week. I broke it off, finally. I went out to my car and scratched off the band's name from the door. I imagined it must've been a feeling similar to when one of my coworkers, Horatio, got his neck tattoo of his former wife removed. Today at my job, I listened to Metallica's Master of Puppets instead of my usual round of Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good.

Feeling free and empowered, I decided to express my dedication to another lifelong friend -- someone that had never let me down. Sorry, Megadeth, but it's over.

Drew Ailes

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