Introducing Indie Band Oregon Trail, the Hardest Videogame Ever

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A single tour in this game has a lot of dynamism in terms of random (mostly unfortunate) turns of fate. The band may persevere or fall apart on any given playthrough. However, unlike 19th century pioneers, small touring bands end up back in the same place that they started and often set out on the same trek again a few months later.

This creates a lot of potential for a game about developing a persistent band through multiple tours. It also creates a lot of potential for DLC, the financial lifeblood of any modern game.

Steve Nagata, creative commons
Your fans in Akihabara (if you reach New Game+)
My ideas for additional content include Europe, Japan, and Latin America as tour areas, a New York Hardcore-themed DLC with new characters and a "Pit Beef" and "Street Justice" mini-game, and an expansion geared around touring as a solo noise musician.

Is this a sound pitch? Should I send it off in a sloppily handwritten letter on notebook paper to a major video game publisher like EA or Ubisoft? Or should I become an indie bedroom programmer and make it myself while being funded by Kickstarter money? What would you include in a game about independent musicians travelling across the country?


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