Jake Leech's Ambient Drone is Inspired By Years Spent in Clayton

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By January 2013, Leech dropped the Kid Counselor name in favor of a more personable approach, marking a fresh start. Leech wrapped up Brightest Night to Memory earlier this year, and shopped around to smaller labels known for ambient and noise releases. Already Dead Tapes responded within days, and Leech found common ground with the Chicago-based label, known for putting out other St. Louis bands Ou Où and Trauma Harness. The cassette released this past May, with digital tracks available through Leech's bandcamp.

Leech intends exploring a full band set-up -- something he's dabbled with in the past. Leech plans to follow up Brightest Night to Memory by meshing singer-songwriter style with his own ambient works to work out a new, full-fledged sound in the future.

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