Juggalos Charged With Artistically Awful ICP-Related Vandalism in Madison County

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Photos of the vandalism in Livingston, provided by police
Four individuals in Madison County have been charged with vandalism after spraypainting cars, buildings, fences and the Livingston Village Hall with logos and slogans related to the horrorcore hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse.

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Deputies at the Madison County Sheriff's department received complaints around 7:25 a,m, Wednesday morning. Photos of the damage, seen above, prove that the suspects' graf writing skills leave something to be desired. ICP's well-known "hatchetman" logo is represented repeatedly, except in these unskilled juggalos' hands it looks more like a stick figure doing squat-thrusts while reading a sheet of paper. There's also some unidentifiable skull-looking thing wearing a nice top-hat and the phrase "whoop whoop," which we'd argue, based our extensive juggalo research, is a misspelling of the group's "woop woop" chant, popular among fans. Overall, a piss-poor showing here. Step your graffiti game up, ninjas.

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Charged with the vandalism are Bobby L. Walker, 24, Devin A. Krueger, 17, and Robert J. Fritz, 19, Staunton residents, and Alexandria G. Vanhooser, 22, of Livingston. At present they are being held in the Madison County Jail with a $50,000 bond set.

See photos of the suspects below.

Bobby L. Walker

Robert J. Fritz

Devin Krueger

Alexandria Vanhooser


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