Last Shot: Cancer Fatigue is Starting to Beat Me Down

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Unfortunately, I have had to make some sacrifices in order to preserve my health. It was devastating to miss the Pixies at the El Rey as all my photographer and writer friends were in attendance. I tried to console myself with the fact that I've shot the Pixies a few times before, but It didn't help that much. My strategy is to preserve as much energy for those remaining shows that are on my bucket list.

Another assignment that I had to turn back on was that of Iron Maiden, who are playing Friday in San Bernardino. With temperatures projected in the mid to high '90s, most normal people would be melting in the heat. It would almost be a sure trip to the hospital if I attempted to go. Having grown up listening to Iron Maiden records and understanding they don't tour much, It was a bitter pill to swallow.

My condition seemed to have worsened on Wednesday when I woke up nauseous and in pain. Even though I took some anti-nausea medication immediately when I woke up, it couldn't help prevent the eventual upheaval that would ensue after drinking water, of all things. Overall, I just have to understand that there will be some rough days and that I should cherish the good days that much more.

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