Last Shot: My Bloody Valentine Helps Me Forget the Pain of Cancer

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While I would have liked to have ventured to the other stages, I staked out a spot on the main stage and took in the psychedelic swirls of MGMT who brought out Henry Winkler to play the cowbell. Once they finished, my excitement grew as I was ready to have my eardrums shredded by My Bloody Valentine. Security guards kept offering ear plugs to the crowd who may or may not be aware of the extensive noise and feedback storm that punctuates the ending of their set.

One of the unfortunate events of the evening was that My Bloody Valentine didn't allow any form of photography, which was devastating but made me thankful that I shot them at the Santa Monica Civic Center and Coachella in 2010. The woozy pitch-bending notes of "I Only Said" took me into another world. In a majority of concerts that I attend, I'm able to keep a form of composure. This wasn't the case as I couldn't contain myself when the roaring guitars of "When You Sleep" blasted through the speakers.

A trio of new songs from their latest album m b v kept me floating and my mind off how ill I had been feeling for the past couple of weeks. "Only Shallow" was so loud that the amplification system for the festival couldn't handle the noise and began cutting out as the bass and drums were absent from the mix. I continued to air tremolo strum along with the rest of the songs until the final epic conclusion of "You Made Me Realise" and the sound of jet engines that seemingly get added to the mix of noise and feedback.

Considering that My Bloody Valentine rarely tour these days, I was glad I overcame my illness for a few moments of sheer sonic bliss. It pains me that I couldn't have spent both days at FYF Fest with my fellow photographers in the trenches but I figured it was smarter to conserve my energy and see My Bloody Valentine. It would have been easier to stay at home but I refuse to let cancer dictate how I live my life.

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