Little Big Bangs on Latest LP, Performing in St. Louis: "We might hurt you with our equipment."

The band will celebrate the release of the LP with a show at Plush. Along for the ride will be the Corrigan Bros., Skarekrauradio and Union Electric. Gowran's arid delivery zaps moisture from the air as he describes playing for an audience as a member of Little Big Bangs. "I like to think of us as a huge brick wall tumbling on top of you, and you better be careful because we might hurt you with our equipment if you get in the way." He pauses long enough to straighten up on his backless cushion and forces a smile. "Especially my drums. I will hit your face if you come near it."


Little Big Bangs
Saturday, September 7, 8 p.m.
W/ Union Electric, Corrigan Brothers, Skarekrau Radio
@ Plush

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3224 Locust St., St. Louis, MO

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