LouFest's 9 Best Dance Moves in GIFs

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If you can't dance but find yourself at a music festival, there's no need to get frustrated like the guy above. Why? Because there are a thousands more people just like you: They're here to dance, free of judgment, with beer tents around every corner and funky jams filling the air.

Here are some of the best dance moves we spotted at LouFest this year.

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9. Friends Who Dance Together, Stay Together

8. Hoopin'!

7. Pogo Girl

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Patrick Lester
Patrick Lester

Don't look so happy Someone is breaking into your car!

Andy Knight
Andy Knight

I want to see more of the guy behind #1

Jason Gerfers
Jason Gerfers

Steve, ever heard the phrase "live and let live"? Let go of the bitterness about your own life, maybe someday you will know true happiness.

Kathy Schaberg
Kathy Schaberg

Happiness and joy is all I see. And hilarity. Either way, it makes me smile.

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