MME is DIY Hip-Hop Fueled by St. Louis Pride

Mvstermind (Muhammad Austin)

I make music because... I feel I've learned that this is my purpose in this world. It's gonna come a time where creative innovation will be the soul of communication, the universal language throughout the universe.

Everything in my life has drawn me to these moments. I feel so connected when I make music. Every key is a different emotion and every drum pattern tells a story. Through my art I can display my visions, my thoughts, my interpretation of this thing we call life. I make music because I can connect with the world, reach people and have a positive effect.

I'm most inspired by... nature, and the beauty of the universe itself. But, in fact, I'm most inspired by my peers. I swear I've been blessed to be in such a close-knit circle of some of the most talented people to walk the planet. Watching them grow, watching us grow. See people fulfill and overgrow their potential - it's amazing. Whenever I hear new music from them, or like a new verse, I immediately in my head go back to the drawing board with a smile, like "Yup, my people's cold. Time for me to get doper myself." And with that vice versa in the crew, the inspiration is like a catalyst. We're each other's key. And keys open doors... to brand new mansions with bad chicks, Ferraris...

The St. Louis Music scene could use... the worlds biggest projector known to mankind, so we can broadcast 80-D across the galaxies for the whole world to see.

What I like most about St. Louis is... the fact that within a few years we shall become a powerhouse known across the world. The diversity of hard working talent this city posesses is off the charts. In fact, we probably work harder than most, we helped build this scene over the years. We're putting the music back in St. Louis culture.

The best post-show food in St. Louis is... best?? How about worst.

Steak 'n Shake on Hampton. Long story short, we were in the parking lot, this time, in fact, being quiet and minding biz. I admit at times we can be obnoxious and loud but, this time, not at all. They arrested two of us for an expired metro link ticket. They said we were standing there too long, over ten minutes, so they had the right to yell at us to throw our hands on the police cars and frisk us. Which they found nothing. Nobody even had a criminal record ever. Steak 'n Shake is good after a show sometimes, but those cops over there - no bueno. Funny enough they brought over a patty wagon assuming we were some dangerous criminals disguised in hipster clothes. I totally didn't answer this question properly.

Shout out to the old man leaving Steak 'n Shake who patted the cop on the back and said "Keep it up boys, gotta be careful out here."

Click through for Ciej's take on the female form and how it relates to his art. Oh yes, and dead cops.

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