"I Didn't Get Any Sex" - Things Overheard During the National's Set at LouFest

Steve Truesdell
The National, continuing to provide a soundtrack for the crowd's ridiculous remarks.

"Do you recognize my hand? YOU DON'T, DO YOU?" - a really, really drunk man waving his hand over the tummy of his friend, who was lying on his back in the grass.

"HEY! He needs to say 'please!'"
"Your friend! He needs to say 'please!'"
"I don't even know who that is."
"Well, whoever the fuck he is, he needs to say please." - the same drunk dude giving a manners lesson to a random guy following someone who's cutting through the crowd willy-nilly.

"I've only blacked out twice before this summer, but now I black out all the time." - a proud young woman trading secrets with her BFF.

"What are you doing? Stop! Wait! Why don't you just get drunk already? Stop! Listen! Stop! What are you doing? Brad? Stop talking to Brad! Start drinking! Stop! What are you doing?" - a hammered, panicked man to his girlfriend, who is somewhat sober and is texting nonstop.

"This is one of the best songs on the new album! YES!" - a man excited to hear the National play "I Need My Girl" from Trouble Will Find Me, released in May. Yes, we know this isn't exactly a weird thing to include; we just wanted to throw in something pertaining to the show to demonstrate that we tried paying attention a little.

"Your shit is shit." - an angry St. Louis Post-Dispatch delivery boy who finds out we're with the RFT.


I Should Live in Salt
Don't Swallow the Cap
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Sea of Love
Afraid of Everyone
Conversation 16
Squalor Victoria
I Need My Girl
This Is the Last Time
Fake Empire
Terrible Love


* Bryan Devendorf introduced "Conversation 16" by saying, "This is for my friend Roth, who likes zombies."

* At the end of "Graceless," Berninger stopped pacing and hiding, opting instead to push out a primal scream before throwing the mic down.

* Berninger spent most of "Terrible Love" singing among the crowd, first surfing on shoulders and then prowling through the first twenty or so "rows" of people.

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Oh yeah, and it was Bryan Devendorf w/ the shout-out, not Aaron, btw.


That's Roth, not Rath... And that's me.

Mychal Anne Voorhees
Mychal Anne Voorhees

Actually, I was underwhelmed by the National's performance (and I was sober). Many of the other bands this weekend blew them out of the water, as far as live performances go.

Jake Woodworth
Jake Woodworth

Jim James was in my opinion the best set of the weekend!

Katie Markert
Katie Markert

have you guys seen the picture from Lollapalooza (sp?) that went viral of the guy sticking his hand down a girls pants?? lol it couldn't have been THAT bad...

Anastasia Sasseen
Anastasia Sasseen

You hear what you want to hear! enough sad. i don't really know why I'm expecting good portion of information from RFT...sad feelings,very sad. It was a good performance overall, a lot of people came just for them.

Kristin Schell
Kristin Schell

Right after the Nationals, trying to get an upfront spot for Wilco, I overheard 5 young drunk girls asking each other "are you athletic, because your picture doesn't make you look athletic, so are you athletic?" This literally went on for about 30 minutes

Lisa Foehner
Lisa Foehner

Nothing like a bunch of drunk insane idiots slurring words and saying stupid shit when you are having a good time.

allison.babka topcommenter

@rothmcq Obama obviously created speaker distortion just to make me hear it wrong. Thanks for the correction. Fixed!

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