Performing at LouFest Pulled Me Out of a Depressive Slump

That said, music is still the driving passion of my life. I have wonderful friends and a stable support structure of people I consider nothing short of genius. Today someone was born in Antarctica unfortunately, and they will sleep inside of a Igloo and spend their entire life eating raw fish and rotten seal meat for nourishment. I am not them. I must constantly find new ways to force myself to be mindful of this. I spent the weekend performing, doing interviews talking about myself, kicking it with my bandmates, drinking free booze nonstop, meeting new lovers of my music, taking pictures with people I've only seen on TV or heard on Z107 and chatting with world famous athletes about music. I did not spend the weekend trapped in an abandoned building smoking crack and biting my fingernails while I combat a horrid drug addiction.

Next week I'll be kicking it with one of my favorite hip hop producers (Alchemist) and performing on the same stage as one of my favorite groups, Mobb Deep. There was a point in my life where if you told me I'd even be in the running to meet Alchemist I'd do backflips, let alone be in a position to hangout with him for an entire day. And yet even with all this ranting being displayed on my computer screen, the week after this show I'll probably return to my depression stupor and act like I've been sentenced to 99 years in a Mississippi federal penitentiary in the '60s. It's a cruel and vicious cycle.

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