Reunited: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting Returns After Ten Years

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SNAFF's Big Reunion Night

How many dildos has Kevin [manager of Hustler Hollywood] brought to practice?

BH: None yet. We are all waiting and willing. I'm sure the Black Knight will ride again.

Any spoilers for the Gateway set?

BH: Well, no Hatebreed or Pantera covers, that's for sure. We will be cramming the majority of our discography into our twenty-minute set.

Are any of the old recordings/merch available for our angelic, uncorrupted youths?

BH: We have our discography posted online so all those new jack kids that were into metalcore last year can learn them and sing along..

Are you going to take your big reunion winnings from the show and go to the greyhound track?

BH: If it were 2003 we would be heading to Casino Queen for dollar drinks.


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