She Likes Rough Sex and It Scares Me. Help!

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Dear Willie D:

I met a young lady at the grocery store and we exchanged numbers. We began talking on the phone about everything; family, church, education, politics, friends, etc. The conversation eventually got around to sex but nothing heavy. I had to leave town for a few weeks and when I returned I decided to give her a call. The next day we met at a bar to have a few drinks.

Since I had to work the next day I only had two shots of tequila and a beer but she got blasted. She was too drunk to drive so I called her a cab. But before it could arrive I drove her home and left her car overnight at the bar. Once we got inside of her house she went into her room and came out naked. I swear she had one of the most amazing bodies I have ever seen.

She sat on my lap and we started kissing, which led to us having sex. She kept telling me to pull her hair, slap her face and choke her. I never hit a girl before so I slapped her lightly. But the choking part really freaked me out, so I just did it a little. She then put her hand on my hand and made me squeeze harder. I kept thinking maybe she's trying to set me up. Or what if she dies from asphyxiation?

Since that night she said she wants more rough sex from me but I don't think I can do it. I like talking on the phone to her, but maybe we should just be friends. I told my friend about it and he got excited. Is there something wrong with me?

Freaked Out:

There's nothing wrong with you, but you are in the minority. Most women enjoy some degree of rough sex and most men are eager to oblige them. Whenever I'm intimate with a woman I give it to her however she likes it. If she wants me to be gentle I will. But if she wants me to be rough, I will try my best to break the damn bed. Your trepidation about choking your new friend is understandable, though. It's all fun and games until you have to call the paramedics.

Dear Willie D:

I had a good relationship with my brother until he moved in across the street from me. Just as I suspected, weeks later his kids are always at my house and so is their mother. I don't mind the kids so much, but the mother gossips to my wife and has the most annoying laugh I have ever heard.

My brother doesn't mow his lawn often enough so the grass is almost 12 inches long and he has trash in the yard; not a lot but just enough to be an eyesore. I have lived in my neighborhood for five years without any problems. But now I want to move. When I spoke to my brother about the high grass and trash in his yard he got offended.
So now he's not speaking to me.

But his kids and his loud mouth wife still come to my house every day. What, if anything do you think can be done to restore brotherly love?

Close Brother:

Lets see. You and your brother was cool before he moved across the street from you. Now you don't speak to each other. I would move.


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