No Surprises as the Killers Rock LouFest: Review, Photos, Setlist

Theo Welling
The Killers at LouFest

Posturing aside, the Killers' set was heavy on singles -- a bit of a change from Wilco, which closed the previous night by including quite a few gems and long-lost fan favorites in its setlist. The recognizable tunes worked out well for the fist-pumping audience, whose demographics seemed a bit more broad than for most shows. "Wow! We obviously don't come here enough!" Flowers told the audience after "From Here on Out."

And while the band sounded as strong as ever, they played pretty faithfully to the album versions of their songs. Flowers threw in a few extra call-and-response segments or a new run of notes every once in a while, but when we closed our eyes, we generally felt like we were listening to CDs while dancing with 20,000 of our sweaty best friends. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but we expected a little more variation or experimentation during the show.

But what the Killers did, they nailed. The military stage decor was centered around Battle Born -- the name of the band's 2012 album and recording studio as well as the phrase found on the flag for Nevada, which the Killers call home. Visually, the set was stunning, with an arresting light show that worked perfectly with individual songs and a lightning bolt-shaped keyboard stand for Flowers that changed colors throughout the night. With a spectacular curtain of pyrotechnics and sparks, the Killers closed the show with "When You Were Young" from 2006's Sam's Town.

Sure, Flowers and the gang seemed to deliver the LouFest audience to heaven, but we can't help but think that a few musical surprises would have sent the festival's end further into the stratosphere.


Mr. Brightside
The Way It Was
Smile Like You Mean It
Miss Atomic Bomb
Somebody Told Me
I Think We're Alone Now
For Reasons Unknown
From Here on Out
A Dustland Fairytale
Read My Mind
All These Things That I've Done
When You Were Young


Hairy situation - Dear girl-with-the-long-thick-braid-that-kept-going-into-our-mouth-or-slapping-us-in-the-face-every-time-you-jumped: CONTAIN THAT SHIT!

Potty time - According to the older guys behind us, concertgoers should warn people if they plan to poop in the portable toilets. Um, ok.

Shiny - Flowers told us that Las Vegas, from where the band hails, is called "the Jewel of the Mojave." #TheMoreYouKnow

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