Twitter Litter: M.I.A. Flips Off NFL Again, Ted Nugent Kills Stuff

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Some musicians appreciate everything that comes their way. Just look at "Weird Al" Yankovic (@alyankovic):


Damn. Some of us don't even have our own desk. #jealous

Tyler, the Creator (@fucktyler) has been a star for "Twitter Litter" lately. This week, he's, uh, hanging out with Drake's new album, Nothing Was the Same:


Drake's album apparently had a better day than we did. Not that that makes us question our purpose in life or anything.

As is his God-given right as a real 'Merican, Ted Nugent (@tednugent) is goin' huntin':


Surely that's why all the animals come with bulls-eye's on their asses, right? But some folks have trouble eating baby deer. What do you think about that, Nuge?

OK, then.

Our boy Murphy Lee (@murphylee) is reppin' St. Louis hard this week:


After all, the man has a show coming up:

That must be why Murph has been hitting the gym lately:

This lady is totally ready for you, Murph. Totally.


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