Twitter Litter: Tyler the Creator Shops, Elvis Costello & The Roots Make Sweet Love

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Tyler isn't the only one playing video games. But instead of "GTA5," Mark Hoppus (@markhoppus) prefers "Animal Crossing":

Last week, Hoppus farted; this week, he's buying java from a bird. Yep, we like him.


Lada Gaga (@ladygaga) has been thinking about her new single and its place in the world:

But here's the thing, Gaga: "Applause" isn't good. In fact, it's pretty much your worst song since "Alejandro." Yeah, we said it.


You know what is good, unlike that Lady Gaga crap? The collaboration between Elvis Costello (@elviscostello) and The Roots (@theroots). The musicians recently performed songs from their outstanding new album Wise Up Ghost at the Brooklyn Bowl, and Questlove (@questlove) is kind enough to share some footage:

Mmmmm... so like candy. Need more? Check out photos from the show:

Ok, we'll admit it: We're a little jealous of that our Village Voice friends can be so close to that kind of magic.

In case you've ever wondered if Ezra Koenig (@arze) is an eyeroll-inducing douche:

No further comment.


According to RFT Music's hometown hero Murphy Lee (@murphylee), this is how you should wake up in the morning:

Sounds good to us, especially after you launch a new website:

We're just glad Murph's serenading us again. This one's got some sexy, sexy soul:


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