Eight Hilarious Frankie Avalon TV and Movie Appearances

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Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Saturday mornings in the '80s were the best because of this weird show that seems like it would only exist in a coked-out hooker's imagination. Pee-wee's Playhouse had everything: a talking recliner, a severed genie head, Laurence Fishburne in chaps. But for Christmas one year, the show invaded prime time with more guest stars than Arsenio Hall ever had. Whoopie Goldberg, Joan Rivers, Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson a really, really freaky Grace Jones all visited Pee-wee's house of play. Frankie and Annette were there, too, teaching old PWH how to do some holiday crafts (around 16:40 in the clip below).

Back to the Beach

Sometimes careers really do come full circle. In 1987 Avalon and his Mouseketeer partner decided to explore seaside life once more and filmed Back to the Beach, a parody of their former beach-movie glory. This time, though, they've got two kids (including Aunt Becky from Full House!) and achy muscles. But do you know what else they've got? Guest stars! Gilligan and the Skipper! Wally and the Beav! Dick Dale! Connie Francis! Pee-wee Herman, accumulating karma! Avalon even hops onto his surfboard for some horrible green-screen action and shows the whole beach that he's still the raddest dude ever.

After the Big Crappola proves his mettle in the water, Avalon follows it up with a happily-ever-after sing-along featuring his on-screen wife, their not-at-all-embarrassed kids, the lady who wants to get into his pants and a club full of new friends.


During the film, Funicello gets pissed at Avalon and runs off to have fun without him. She turns her frustration into a song -- you know, as one does -- and dances around while Fishbone plays "Jamaica Ska." FISHBONE, people!


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