The Thirteen Best St. Louis Rappers

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This is one of those special once-in-a-lifetime type of rappers. T-Dubb-O is a pit bull waiting to be unleashed. As an emcee he has represented St. Louis on the national battle-rap platform, but he can also make quality records. He will chew your head off with exceptionally angry metaphors. He has collaborated with the likes of underground heros such as Pastor Troy and Rip the General. He is one of the brightest stars in the St. Louis underground, patiently awaiting his moment to take his talents to a higher plateau on the national stage. T-Dubb-O can rap and he does it unbelievably well. He's a cross between an educated battle rapper and a young gangster rapper who hasn't quite left the life alone yet, resulting in music that hip-hop fans enjoy.

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Right now this man's name comes up in various rap conversations across the city on a daily basis. He's a natural comedian/battle emcee. Most battle rappers are loud, angry and aggressive, but B-Magic has a more relaxed and polished approach. He made Rosenberg Raw look like a child in their legendary battle. He doubles his duties behind the scenes as a video director. These days, B-Magic is building a name for himself as a underground folklore legend of sorts. He is no stranger to the national stage, and he might be the best battle emcee we have to offer the world. He has a natural coolness about himself, and he doesn't immerse himself in a sea of gimmicks. We could easily see B-Magic being the unlikely house guest on a sitcom one day.

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Atlanta native Future began his career in our city's underground scene. He's a world-renowned superstar, working with the likes of Rihanna, Drake and Lil Wayne. Many people outside of St. Louis don't realize Future was once in a group with a young man by the name of Laudie, who is equally, if not more talented than his former group member. He wears two hats as both producer and rapper and has worked with platinum-selling artists such as Rick Ross and Bun B, all while maintaining his crown-holder status as a true and living independent music king. His current lead single "Y.A.Y.O." is receiving rotation in multiple radio markets across the country. It is a common belief among St. Louis clubgoers that Laudie is brilliant producer and can create hits at his leisure. When the stars come to St. Louis, they leave with a track or two produced by Laudie.

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