The Thirteen Best St. Louis Rappers

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Nick Menn
This year's Best of St. Louis winner for Best Hip-Hop Artist!
The Doorway collective (voted Best Hip-Hop Group in this year's RFT Music Awards) contains no shortage of talent in its ranks, but Nick "Whiteout" Menn stands out among the standouts. Maybe that's the result of his energetic delivery, dense rhymes or effortless flow -- when performing as a group, Menn's rapidly delivered verses turn heads, and his onstage charisma makes clear that he enjoys what he does. The members of Doorway are known for imbuing everything they do as a group with positivity, and Menn in particular uses his platform as a hip-hop artist to address serious social issues, specifically heroin use and addiction. A Fairview Heights, Illinois, native, the rapper has seen many in his hometown fall victim to heroin, resulting in the release of the song "HeroInside" on his 2012 mixtape Kush & Kung Fu. The song's title has since become the name of an organization founded by the members of Doorway to raise awareness about the evils of the drug. Visit for more information.

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