The Ten Best St. Louis Metal Bands

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Fuck. Fulgora is amazing. For a band that rarely plays locally, it has gained serious national attention. Releasing a seven-inch record earlier this year on Dischord Records (yes, Ian MacKaye's record label), the band punishes the listener with Brandon LaMew's dizzying riffs and stunning drum-work by the bulletproof Adam Jarvis. A recent addition to Fulgora's Bandcamp page is a brand-new song. Clocking in at just under three minutes, Fulgora has produced yet another masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and check this band out right now.
-- Kenny Snarzyk

Photo Diana Lee Zadlo Photography

Fear. Dread. Undistilled evil. These are the themes that would still come across throughout Fister's Gemini even if it were an instrumental record. It is all black-metal gnarl and gritty sludge, guitars feeding back at every breath and a bass tone that sounds like Satan's taint. It is the kind of record high school kids hide from their parents and college dropouts use as trays to roll joints. St. Louis' premier doom trio long ago earned its reputation as a must-see act; Gemini makes it easier to show the band off to the rest of the dark universe.
-- Ryan Wasoba

Photo by Slammin' Alvin

The members of the Lion's Daughter claim no specific subgenre: They simply play metal, and they play it well. Hints of influence by Neurosis, Craft, Darkthrone and the Melvins peek through, while the music gets heavier with each release. Never satisfied, the trio is constantly working on improving its already near-perfect design, delivering a live show that is absolutely punishing. The Lion's Daughter has an upcoming split release with the local folksters of Indian Blanket, which will undoubtedly alienate a lot of the metal purists who have come around over the last few years. And you can bet that the band doesn't give a shit.
-- Kenny Snarzyk

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