Dear John Boehner: Stop Making Those Stupid Faces on Live Television

It's 2013; this is the year we live in. We live in the future of the future -- shutting down the government just makes us look like we're governed by a bunch of country back-road hicks. Where's the dignity in this? People like Michelle Bachman said this was a good idea. But this is also the same exact party of people that endorsed Todd Akin, a man that brought us the ridiculous term "legitimate rape." The votes were cast and the bill was passed. The truth is, the Republican's don't give a damn about this health care bill. They ultimately just want a reason to flex a little bit of muscle and show the world that their party could stand its ground and shut the government down. This is the highest definition of "lame."

In my community there is no greater insult than being called a lame. The Republicans are the biggest lames in Washington for this move. This is not a moment of victory; this is a moment of ignorance and self-centered pride. The country is set up as a democracy for a reason. I wasn't the biggest fan of this bill originally, but eventually I was swayed over. Historically, people are going to look back and take notes of all the imbeciles that voted in favor of shutting down the federal government over the health care reform bill. The old guard is furious and irate, but this is our time, and our generation will not be denied as we press forward and usher in a new era of progressive thinkers. I am a member of the Squirrel family lineage. You are a nut.

I will gladly participate in our country's new health care system. Once it's all said and done I'm going to the doctor, and I will laugh my ass off at the thought of your anguish.

So many artists attempt to model themselves as people that could care less about politics. I understand the place these emotions come from. I have often shared the same exact sentiments, because as artistic people we tend to find ourselves more critical of our government. But it is our job to pave the way for the future free thinkers and creatives. As a musician I have a responsibility to create content that reflects the concerns of the community I come from. My community is often treated like a step-child by our favorite politicians.There are times that I am the only voice capable of unleashing my community's concerns. I have an unspoken obligation to side with the popular opinion of my people, since my music is partially a reflection of our collective consciousness. And the collective consciousness of my people simply does not trust the government.

I am aware of this, but there are times that I find myself wedged in between the plight of the people and my personal opinion. There are times I find myself speaking solely for myself, regardless of the responsibility I have inherited as a artist. This healthcare thing is something I've discussed with many of my friends in the art community. Rappers don't have health care. If we get sick a freestyle won't cure us. We have options now, despite the fact that some of us didn't even vote. I have a bad back; I actually need to have several operations in order to fix it. I ruined my back riding uncomfortably in tour vans and packed SUV's while traveling to do road shows. I tend to crack a lot of jokes in the name of exaggeration, but this is a serious concern of mine.

The President introduced a bill which was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court. This legislation went through the full monty and survived. You would've thought the Republicans were fighting the legalization of using HIV infected needles to distribute antibiotics to newborn children. The ACA went through the entire process and won. It's game over; let's move on. Closing the government over a law that already passed and even stood its ground at the Supreme Court is horrid and childish. For further information OFA Missouri is throwing a series of town hall meetings sharing all the truths about the Affordable Care Act. Whether you agree or disagree with the law you can attend one of these meetings and see what all the fuss is really about. You can also choose to do nothing, and just sit on Facebook and listen to a bunch of people that didn't even vote falsely educate you about something they know nothing about.

One more thing before I depart...

Dear John Boehner,

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