From Sine Nomine to the Fluff of Murder: Meet Derek Yeager

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Mabel Suen
Sine Nomine at the album release show for Golobulus in October 2011.

Your first performance will be this Sunday at the closing ceremony of Noisefest X at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center. Having never performed as the Fluff of Murder before, how did you end up on a three-day festival that is known as a meeting ground for experimental artists?

Yeager: I had sent Mark Sarich a link to check out the music, thinking he may have interest in it, as he enjoyed my work in Sine Nomine. Just a friendly gesture that turned into an invite to perform. He felt it would sit nice with the performers on Sunday's bill. I accepted and will be taking the Fluff on its maiden voyage.

What expectations, if any, do you have for this weekend's Noisefest X?

Yeager: I unfortunately will not be able to attend the first two days, but I suspect that the whole event will be great. Many folks look forward to this each year, and though I have never been a part of the festivities, I look forward to getting my feet wet. I presume that what I will be doing will differ a bit from the majority of acts, if not all. It may not really even be considered "noise," but I think all terminology is relative. If we are cool with 25 minutes of layers and ambience then we're good.

Post-Noisefest X, where do you see the Fluff of Murder going? What plans do you have for future releases or shows?

Yeager: Back to writing. I have acquired a fair amount of new hardware and software that I will be diving further into, all the while expounding on the assets that are familiar. So many things to discover still. Another EP or two is very likely in 2014 and doing some shows to perform them is always nice.

Catch The Fluff of Murder this Sunday, November 3, at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center.


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