HaikuLou Celebrates 500 Haiku Show Reviews (and Counting) Tonight

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Mabel Suen
Sex Robots, subject of one of Lees' favorite Haiku Lou reviews.
HaikuLou, the fun-loving local music blog that efficiently recaps shows in just three concise lines of Japanese poetry, has written hundreds of snarky show reviews since the spring of 2011. To celebrate hitting 500 reviews on the mile-marker -- that's 8,500 syllables worth of haiku gold, people -- HaikuLou and crew hold an informal meet-up at the Silver Ballroom (4701 Morganford Road; 314-832-9223) tonight. We spoke with the brains of the operation, Jaime Lees (also an RFT Music contributor) and Matt Harnish to get some insight into their interesting meter.

Warning: the following post includes twenty-plus haikus.

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RFT Music:
Five hundred haikus
Is a lot of show reviews.
How did you do it?

Matt Harnish:
I go out a lot
And counting syllables beats
Talking to people

Jaime Lees:
We don't really know
We just love going to shows
And, like, kickin' it

How many people
Contributed since the start?
How many were yours?

Ms Lees runs the blarg
So she has the whos & whats
I did a million

Haven't kept records
But guest writers have written
maybe twelve percent?

Why choose a haiku?
How about a limmerick?
That could be fun, too.

They're easy to do
Conciseness is the key, and
They're kinda cliche

We like it dirty,
But limmericks are harder.
And... that's what she said.

Any advice for
Haiku writers that want to
Sell their souls to you?

Quit before you start
You should see all our hate mail
This ruined my life

Keep your nails pretty
Cuz errbody gon see you
Counting on fingers

Click through to read Lees and Harnish's top five favorite picks from their website's archive so far.

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The Silver Ballroom

4701 Morganford Road, St. Louis, MO

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