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Mabel Suen
Bug Chaser.
Matt Harnish's Favorite HaikuLou Reviews

Bug Chaser at El Lenador, 02/10/12
This is the soundtrack
To your next bad decision

Demonlover at El Lenador, 04/23/12
Oh, I get it now
Setting up all of that gear
Is part of the show

Tower Groove Record Release round 2 at Off Broadway, 05/19/12
Got to the show late
Magic City rocked the nite
and then I sharted
- via reader Johnny Vegas

Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost at Off Broadway, 02/24/12
Will you be around
to see if this much you rock
when this old you reach?
- via reader Matt Pace

Googolplexia at El Lenador, 09/26/11
Man, going on tour
Sure made Rob all slick & pro
Ha Ha! Just kidding!

This is how you HaikuLou (sort of).

Jaime Lees' Favorite HaikuLou Reviews

Sex Robots at Chill Dawg Cove, 08/07/13
Let's say it again:
"Music is the healing force."
Thank you, Sex Robots.

Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill, 04/24/13
You'll hear people say,
"Chuck can't hack it anymore."
Well, fuck them. He ruled.

Eric Hall at Old Post Office Plaza, 06/29/13
Subtle and lovely
Sound bouncing off high rises
Hall is our Eno

Ransom Note at Off Broadway, 05/19/12
There's a theory that
Their songs will get you pregnant
Bring a coat hanger

The Phonocaptors at Off Broadway, 10/12/13
These pro dudes drop rock
That makes my damn heart explode
Like it ain't no thang

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