Can a Happy Trent Reznor Write Good NIN Songs?

Categories: Fiesta!

Era: 1999-2007

Nine Inch Nails albums: The Fragile, With Teeth, a couple crappy remix albums (Halos 13-22)

Other notable work: "We Want It All," a collaboration with Zach de la Rocha on the album Songs and Artists that Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11.

Song titles: "Even Deeper," "Into the Void," "Starfuckers, Inc.," "The Hand that Feeds," "Every Day Is Exactly the Same"

Common words in songs: you, just me, away, where, know Representative music video:

Oh, it turns out the woman is Marilyn Manson! Nice twist, M. Night Shyamalan!

Anger level (out of 100): 70. Reznor brings some melody to his depressing beats, making this era a little happier.

Era: 2007-2008

Nine Inch Nails albums: Year Zero, Ghosts I-IV, The Slip and--you're not going to believe this--another remix album (Halos 23-27)

Other notable work: Closely worked with Saul Williams on The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

Song titles: "HYPERPOWER," "Meet Your Master," "Another Version of the Truth," "The Four of Us Are Dying," and then Ghosts I-IV doesn't even have any song titles.

Common words in songs: you, your, what, just, need

Representative music video:

This is the only one NIN released during this time period.

Anger level (out of 100): 55. Year Zero is a concept album about a dystopian future. It sounds suspiciously like Reznor's dystopian present, but he's trying.

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