Joey Bada$$ at the Pageant: "There's One Thing I Don't Love About St. Louis, and That's the Fucking Police"

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Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias:

I got into Joey Bada$$ in early 2012, so I should say I'm a little biased. I don't really think any of the other acts stood up to him -- his cadence and sampling choices are pretty distinct from most current emcees. Sometimes it's hard to put on a good rap show, but Joey is quite skilled. I definitely could have done without the first two acts, though they got progressively better as the night went on. The crowd largely seemed to be there for Ab-Soul.


Ab-Soul to a bunch of white kids, "Y'all wanna go back to the 'hood real quick?"

Merch guy, singing to himself along with this Ab-Soul song, while folding shirts. "They wanna share my wife...they wanna share my wife." I'll never hear the lyrics the same way again.

Notebook dump:

Still one of Joey Bada$$'s greatest lines, "Tell the based god don't quit his day job". See: Twitter beef between Joey and Lil B.

Set List:
Joey Bada$$ - Alowha
Joey Bada$$ - World Domination
Joey Bada$$ feat. Chuck Strangers - FromdaTomb$
Joey Bada$$ - Sweet Dreams
Joey Bada$$ - Funky Ho'$
Joey Bada$$ - Pennyroyal
Joey Bada$$ - Snakes
Joey Bada$$ - Waves
Joey Bada$$ - 95 Til Infinity
Joey Bada$$ feat. Kirk Knight - Amethyst Rockstar
Kirk Knight - Unreleased Song
Joey Bada$$ feat. CJ Fly - Hardknock
CJ Fly feat. Joey Bada$$ - Sup Preme
CJ Fly - Loco Motives
Joey Bada$$ feat. CJ Fly - Don't Front
Joey Bada$$ - Unorthodox
Joey Bada$$ - Killuminati Pt. 2
Joey Bada$$ - Death of YOLO
Pro Era - Like Water
Joey Bada$$ - Survival Tactics


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Location Info


The Pageant

6161 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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