Six Nu-Metal Bands You Shouldn't Be Ashamed To Like

Categories: Nitpick Six

4. System of a Down

Don't ever apologize for enjoying System of a Down. It is like a contemporary Armenian version of the Dead Kennedys. Yeah, that's right, I just said that shit.

3. Slipknot

Hard to believe, perhaps, but Slipknot is likely the heaviest band to ever sell out entire arenas. Yes, the costumes are gimmicky and singer Corey Taylor whines and moans through about half the songs, but when you consider how angry some of the material is, it becomes easy to overlook that the band kind of sucks. It's an honest mistake to make, and as such, you should never feel ashamed for liking Slipknot. And in the event that you still feel bad, you can take solace in the fact that multiple members of Slipknot started off in the repugnant Minneapolis "pornogrind" outfit Anal Blast. (R.I.P. Don Decker.)

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