Sigur Rós Talks New Album, Kveikur, and Losing Keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson

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Coincidentally, Kveikur is also one of the band's least delicate albums. It even opens with an industrial-like thud -- not that experiments in percussion haven't always been an important aspect of Sigur Rós.

For example, Dýrason says he sometimes places his cymbals directly on top of the drums to create a unique sound. However, one of his strangest percussive creations has never made it on a record. "Once, I created a drum kit, I went to Salvation Army and got lots of pots and stuff, and Jónsi's dad is a blacksmith, and he built this drum kit out of pots and pans, but we never used it on a record, actually. It sounded pretty bad," he notes with a laugh.

Another one of Sigur Rós' more unique instrumental inventions, though, played a key part in some abstract music created to accompany a dance piece, Split Sides, by the great experimental dance pioneer Merce Cunningham in 2004. Titled "Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do," referring to the only spoken sounds in the dance, the band's composition features a distinctive creaking sound. "We had like custom-made music boxes," Dýrason explains. "We made them instruments out of ballet shoes. It was those two things."

Dýrason reveals that the trio's backing band has nearly quadrupled in size to reproduce the intricacies of its evolved sound for the current tour. "Live, we are 11 on stage," he says, "the three of us and a piano player and other guitar players. I hope you will like it."

Sigur Ros will perform tonight at the Fox Theatre. 8 p.m. / $29.50-$55


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